1:1 ICT Peer Mentoring Offerings

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“Everything was questioned and that made it very challenging,”

— Henk de Vries

Hi guys! As some of you may know, I have been a Professional Course Peer Adviser back in Mapua University. I have had numerous experiences in helping students in mentoring, learning and understanding different technologies on the field of ICT.

It is a pleasure to announce to y’all my latest online services as I will now be catering to all students, regardless of school, age, status, degree and level in Peer Advising, Mentoring and Consulting for as low as 50Php/hr.

For scheduling and inquiries, please do check this link.

2016 Peer Advising in Mapua University


The following are the basic rates of my services and consultation hours are subject to availability (See schedule section).

Basic Technologies In-Depth Advising (HTML/CSS/Web Design and Development)

70 Php/Hr

Intermediate In-Depth Advising for Programming (C#/C++/PHP)

80 Php/Hr

Intermediate In-Depth Advising for Database and other Data Related Technology (SQL/MySQL/Python/BaseSAS)

90 Php/Hr


How to Avail Services

  1. Fill Up Booking form (Personal Details, Preferred Schedule, Topic and Payment Mode).
  2. Receive Email Booking Confirmation with Payment Instructions
  3. Process your payment and send the payment receipt to the Payment Instructions Thread from your email.

How to Join Session

Once your payment and schedule is confirmed, you will be also receiving a zoom link for the session. Kindly access it using your connected zoom account.

Coming Soon

Special Courses will be offered soon and will be announced in this page. You may also follow my instagram page as I also post updates and offers.

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