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2020 Customized 13″ MacBook Pro from Apple Store Philippines

Buying the latest Apple Product in the Philippines is always a pain for Pinoy users as there are no actual Apple Stores located in the Philippines. With the refurbished 13″ MacBook Pro being released earlier this year at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic (early 2020), getting our hands on this California-based product is much […]

How Much Do We Know About Oligarchs?

Oligarch – somewhat formal : a person who belongs to a small group of people who govern or control a country, business, etc. Merriam-Webster Whenever the term Oligarchs is used, we tend to pinpoint on well-known families like Aquinos, Lopez and Marcoses as the major Political Powers. But did you know that there are other […]

Moving In to EY

It’s been two months since I’ve started working as a Developer in Ernst & Young (EY) and I’m going to be honest, I didn’t regret a single thing to moving to EY.

Winter in Spring Japan

Winter in Spring, Japan

I visited Japan last May to June 2019 and as you know it, those mentioned months were at the later part of their spring season. I had the opportunity to travel to the roof of Japan, Mt. Tateyama. The Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine route is a 5-day tourist pass which includes all access JR and transportation Passes […]

Assessment Center

What I’ve Done So Far

In the past 2 years, I’ve developed different systems within my current and previous company. It ranges from Assessment Portals to Attendance Monitoring Systems, and as a developer, the goal was to automate any repetitive processes which takes big amount of time to achieve a common goal. My work may lessen human interventions and errors; […]

Hi, I’m Tristan.

TOPCIT Level 2 Certified, TOEIC Professional Working Proficiency, Published IEEE Author. Good day! I’m Tristan, a graduate of Mapua University, Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology, specialized in Business Analytics and I develop and design websites for a living. I also create graphic posters, videos and other multimedia related and digital contents. Need my services? Feel free to contact […]


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