Winter in Spring Japan

Winter in Spring, Japan

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I visited Japan last May to June 2019 and as you know it, those mentioned months were at the later part of their spring season. I had the opportunity to travel to the roof of Japan, Mt. Tateyama.

Peak 1500m

The Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine route is a 5-day tourist pass which includes all access JR and transportation Passes from the Chubu city of Nagoya, to the peak of Mt. Tateyama. Here are the places that I visited:

  • Matsumoto
  • Mt. Tateyama
  • Toyama
  • Takayama
  • Nagoya

Mt. Tateyama

Mt. Tateyama is one of the highest peaks in the country of Japan. It is a 4-hour train ride from Nagoya and Tokyo.

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Winter in Spring Japan

Winter in Spring, Japan

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